When it rains it pours

So here is the first of many posts that I will be making. Well how do I begin…started to go to a vent and not only did I feel midway through the travel that the truck was starting to have issues with the transmission but it left me not being able to go to the event. It did get me to the safe spot and not leave me stranded so thank goodness that Bart ( the trucks name) had the mindset to get me to the safest spot ever but to keep me safe and keep me going in the direction I needed to be going to.

So this is where we are at now, the truck is down and in need of the transmission to be replaced and that in itself is a task of major proportions so if anyone has ever replaced a transmission on a 04 chevy express 3500 cutaway with the 4L80E transmission and has any advice I would love to hear from you