The word empanada comes from the Spanish verb “empanar” which means to coat or wrap in bread/dough

.Empanadas are a delicious crescent shaped “turnover” Stuffed with delicious, flavor-packed meat (beef or chicken) and deep-fried to a golden crispy perfection.


We pride ourselves in our delicious, mouth-watering pernil.

Pernil is a traditional Puerto Rican dish most often enjoyed during the holidays, but we bring it to you year round! Spanish roasted pork that is slow roasted for 12+ hours to perfection and infused with Spanish seasonings.

Spanish Rice & Beans

Our Spanish rice & beans will have you coming back for more!

Our rice is prepared fresh every single day (fresh pots made throughout the day.) and it is topped with our delicious beans seasoned to perfection with multiple Spanish seasonings and delicious cilantro!

What we’re about.

Originally based out of Coshocton, Ohio but relocated to Dayton, Ohio. We strive to bring the delicious tastes of the Puerto Rican island to everyone.

If you’re looking for flavors straight from the island, we currently offer beef and chicken empanadas, Relleno De Papa’s, Pernil, Spanish rice & beans, and mouth-watering quesadillas.

If you’re looking for something else we also offer other traditional fried foods that are sure to please. We offer Mozzarella sticks, bosco sticks, deep fried mushrooms, onion rings, fresh cut fries, and; focusing on our New York roots, delicious, all beef Nathan’s hot dogs. We aim to offer food that anyone can enjoy.

As we continue to grow we plan to expand our menu to be able to offer you even more of the delicious delicacies of the Puerto Rican island. The flavors are so intense and delicious.

We currently set up at a few different locations but we also travel to private events, breweries, street fairs, and so much more. Contact us if you want to have Freakin’ Rican’s at your event! We hope to see you there!

Have us out to your event…

If you would like to have Freakin’ Rican Food Truck out to your event just let us know! As long as the date is available we will come out to your event! We hope to see you soon!